Dennis Massengale started playing “wooden rock” in 1972 with a band called “Us”. Variations of that band played for about 7 years. His band “Silver Creek”, gave Dennis his first taste of the studio when he recorded two originals and released a “45”. After 10 years with Jim Palmour, BIG DEAL became the next project for Dennis and his friend, Paul Hatcher. The two wrote and produced a CD entitled “Antietam Creek” in 1996. In 1998, Dennis and Paul released a political parody called “Baghdad Boogie” that got airplay nationwide and in Canada (it was also featured on Rush Limbaugh’s syndicated show). Dennis changed the name to “NO big deal” in 2003, in part so “even stupid people would get the joke”. The last full-length CD by “NO big deal” came out in 2008, entitled “Uncovered” (all 8 original tunes). As Dennis continues to write (and add new songs), the show is ever-changing! A self proclaimed “master of the stage”, Dennis focuses on entertaining and making the crowd a part of the show.